HIMOAP Board of Trustees for January 2010 to December 2011
The HIMOAP Board of Trustees is comprised of 9 member companies elected by HIMOAP general members. The board will be composed of 7 companies doing H.I.M. production outsourcing and 2 companies doing H.I.M. relation training and would hold office for two years (2010 to 2011).
(arranged in alphabetical order)

American Academy of Medical Transcription
Represented by: Penny V. Lauchangco
Asian College of Science and Technology ( ACSAT ).
Represented by: Emmanuel Ryken Ceremonia
eData Services Phils, Inc.
Represented by: Fred Kumetz
MxSecure Philippines, Inc. 
Represented by: Colin Christie
Represented by: Byron Cabarloc
TranscribeMedia Philippines, Inc.
Represented by: JL. Botor

Total Transcription Solutions, Inc.
Represented by: Myla Rose Reyes

 Transkripsyo, Inc. 
Represented by: Michael Chua 

1 seat vacant
(Resignation of Optwise Philippines, Inc.) 
eData Services Phils, Inc.     
Represented by: Fred Kumetz