HIMOAP Business Conduct and Ethics


A. Competence
• Members shall build their service on a foundation of quality, timeliness, value, dependability and ethics to reflect international standards.
• Members shall strictly adhere to the highest quality in accordance with international standards.
• HIMOAP members, as legitimate corporations/proprietors, shall employ truthful, reliable and measurable billing practices.

B. Confidentiality
• Every member company shall take reasonable precautions to protect the confidentiality rights of its clients.
• Each member shall have an auditable chain of custody that assures the confidentiality of PHI (Protected Health Information) with a sustainable effort to meet US standards of privacy.

C. Accountability
• Member companies shall be required to set up HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act) -compliant policies and procedures concerning access, storage, transmission and destruction of PHI.
• Members shall have HIPAA-compliant contracts with their employees, independent contractors or subcontractors.

D. Full Disclosure
• Member companies shall observe the norms of transparency in all transactions and dealings in which their client has a legitimate interest; making appropriate disclosures as the law requires or as good governance demands.


A. Advertising

• Members of HIMOAP shall pledge to market and advertise their companies' products and services in a "clear and truthful" manner.
• The association shall promote the Philippine Healthcare Documentation service industry and its members to the US and other potential clients.
• HIMOAP shall give priority to member companies in endorsing potential business.
• Neither a member company, nor its representatives or marketing people, shall defame or disseminate information which may be harmful to another member company. Comparisons, which are misleading or deceptive, shall not be used.
• At no time shall HIMOAP and its members support exploitative tactics to gain market share.

B. Recruitment
• Member companies shall not resort to hiring practices that are deemed detrimental to the industry.
• Members are encouraged to communicate possible employee movements to affected companies.

C. Representation
• Only designated representatives shall issue statements that represent the position of the association.
• Member Companies shall take reasonable steps to ensure that the marketing and recruitment practices made by their representatives conform with this Code and to the pertinent laws of the land.

D. Solicitation of clients
• No member shall resort to unethical business practices in pursuit of a client.
• Members shall offer pricing that is within industry standards.
• Members shall not solicit clients from other members for the purpose of causing any such client to terminate its relationship to the latter.


A. Benchmarking

• HIMOAP shall set standards for educational programs to train healthcare information management documentation professionals in a fashion that will result in competencies equal to or greater than their global counterparts.
• The association shall support benchmarking efforts with respect to workers’ compensation and benefits, training, and other industry regulations.

B. Continuing Education
• Members shall provide opportunities in their organization for workers to improve and enhance their own talents and abilities.
• HIMOAP encourages member companies to promote, provide and support education and training in healthcare information documentation in pursuit of developing the country's manpower.

C. Rights of the Worker
• Member Companies shall recognize the rights of the workers to a safe and healthful workplace.
• Members shall maintain their workplace free from serious recognized hazards and comply with occupational safety and health standards.
• Member Companies shall uphold the protection of workers against exploitation and unjust compensation.


A. Member Cooperation & Assistance
• Members may seek assistance and support from other members in cases of emergency and/or abnormal circumstances which may include but is not limited to work overflow, subcontracting, and manpower concerns. A member, however, is not duty-bound and may decline to provide the assistance requested.

B. Attendance
• Active participation and attendance in association meetings, activities and payment of dues is required of HIMOAP members.
• Expected minimum attendance by members in meeting and activities is one (1) General Members meeting.


A. Unethical Conduct
• HIMOAP members shall take appropriate measures to discourage, prevent, identify, and correct unethical conduct of colleagues whose behavior is unwittingly or deliberately in violation of this code or of good general business practice.
• A member who believes that a colleague has acted unethically should seek resolution by discussing his concerns with the colleague when feasible and when such a discussion is likely to be productive.
• Members shall not file or encourage the filing of ethics complaints that are intended to harm the alleged violator rather than to protect the integrity of the industry and the association.

B. Fair Treatment of Parties in Ethical Disputes
• Members shall bring to the attention of the Board or proper authorities in the organization any operation or event that is immoral or illegal so that it can be stopped or avoided in the interest of the organization and of right conduct.
• HIMOAP members shall not discriminate against a company or a person on the basis of his or her having made an ethical complaint.
• Members shall not discriminate against a person based on his or her having been the subject of an ethical complaint.